Mother Nature
in your glass

Inspired by Greek tradition

Based on the Mediterranean diet

100% natural product

Made of Greek herbs.

Unique taste

Quenches your thirst naturally.

No additives

No additives, no preservatives no artificial coloring and taste.


With natural sweetener from the stevia plant.

Herbs synthesis

It contains a combination of five Greek herbs with beneficial features for the health and the well being of the human body.

Product uniqueness

Herb Collection
Greek farmers collect with their hands the herbs used for the production of our drink: Green Mountain Tea, Verbena, Wild Fennel, Lucerne and Hibiscus are some of the herbs used to produce the beverage.

Mountain Tea

It’s a tonic for the body and the brain. It acts against arteriosclerosis, headaches and helps strengthen the immune system.

Wild Fennel

Diuretic, digestive, helps in weight loss.


A plant rich in vitamins which helps the immune system and acts as a liver detoxifier.


A plant rich in vitamins which helps the immune system and acts as a liver detoxifier.


It is indicated for overweight and those with constipation and increased lipids. It has antioxidant properties due to its vitamin content. It acts as a vasodilator, combats cardiovascular disease and helps control cholesterol levels. It helps in the treatment of high blood pressure and nausea disorders. It is suitable for slimming.

Herbous Herbal Tea is produced exactly as in the old times. Decoction tea means to simply steep the herb in the water for a certain period of time. The strict temperature limits and the infusion time are very important for the best possible result. This process provides a smaller amount of herbal essences and other elements. This leads us to use comparatively greater amounts of herbs to prepare our tea. This method, however, is safer, since the nutritional elements are gained out of the plant’s (herbs’) cellular embranes, which act as filters,providing us only their positive elements. Furthermore, the solvent is water of the highest quality from the water springs at the foothills of Mount Vermio.

The drink contains no calories, sugars, caffeine, artificial coloring additives and preservatives.

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